Pregnancy outcome and neonatal health by mothers aged 40 yea | 18218
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Pregnancy outcome and neonatal health by mothers aged 40 years and over


Lorenza Driul, Ambrogio P Londero, Serena Bertozzi, Laura Peressini, Michele Vanin, Vito D’Aietti, Arrigo Fruscalzo, Anna Biasioli, Stefania Salvador, Riccardo Furlan, Maria Maddalena Petrovec, Diego Marchesoni

This study was carried out to investigate obstetric outcomes in single pregnancies conceived by women older than 40 compared to those of their younger counterparts in a low natality setting with high mean age at first pregnancy. Data were collected about women who delivered in our Clinic between January and July 2005, excluding multiple pregnancies. Statistical analysis was performed using R (version 2.10.1), considering significant a p<0.05.We selected 688 women: 50 of them are 40 years or older and 638 are younger. Advanced age correlates with higher BMI (p=0.056) and seems to increase the risk of gestational hypertension (p<0.05) and gestational diabetes (p<0.05), cesarean sections (p<0.05) and vacuum extraction (p0.089), neonatal clavicle fracture (p<0.05) and perinatal mortality (p<0.05).Advanced age women have an increased risk of pregnancy complications, such as gestational hypertension and diabetes, neonatal clavicle fracture and perinatal death, and undergo more frequently cesarean sections.

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