Postmenopausal/menopause, bone mineral density and whole bod | 18138
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Postmenopausal/menopause, bone mineral density and whole body vibration: a short review.


Nelson S. Pinto, Milena B. Monteiro, Sebastião D. Santos-Filho, Dulciane Paiva, Tavares A, Sotiris Missailidis, Pedro J. Marín, Mario Bernardo-Filho

The alteration of the bone mineral density (BMD) in the postmenopausal is related directly with the osteoporosis which frequently causes impaired in th e physical, psychological and social life of the patients due to possible fractures or pain. Investi gations about the effectiveness of the action of th e vibration produced in oscillating platforms to trea t postmenopausal women would be welcome. The aim of this work is to present a review about the publi shed papers found in the PubMed in which there are information about the use of the whole body vibrati on (WBV) in postmenopausal women. As the increase of scientific interest in postmenopausal i s evident, it was also evaluated, in the PubMed, th e number of publications (NP) related with postmenopa usal, some modalities of treatment and possible symptoms. The NP found in the PubMed in three keywo rds that can be used to study phenomena related with old women. It is verified that with th e term menopause is found the biggest NP in the PubMed. The symptom with the biggest scientific int erest, considering the NP is the hot flashes.

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