Porous clays as low cost adsorbent to reduce chloride in sea | 84349
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Porous clays as low cost adsorbent to reduce chloride in seawater


Umudi Ese Queen*

The Ocean water from the Atlantic Ocean (Forcados/Ogulagha) axis which is in Southwest of Delta State, Nigeria, provides for various uses. High level of chloride can cause pollution level in the environment. In man, disturbance in blood chloride level is related to the kidney. It is an important electrolyte, along with sodium are responsible for osmotic pressure and acid base balance it help keep the fluid inside and outside of our body in balance, so it needs to be checked and balanced. Ocean water from Ogulagha axis was analysed using standard methods and three Nigeria clay types coded Otorho (OT), Abbi (BB) and Umutu (UM) were used as adsorbents using XRD X ray diffraction. Clays fortified with stone pebbles in ration 1:3 in columns in one flow-through and three flow troughs were used in different arrangements. Fortified clay (UM) gave the highest percentage reduction of 99.9%, BB clay 98.0% and OT clay 99.2%. The results showed that clay UM removed >99% of chloride.

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