Plasma nitric oxide metabolites and endothelin-1 concentrati | 17988
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Plasma nitric oxide metabolites and endothelin-1 concentrations in schistosomal porto-pulmonary hypertensions


El-Kannishy Sh MH, Abd Elgawad M Sh, Arafa MM, Elarman MM, El-Demerdash F

The vasodilator nitric oxide (NO) and the vasoconst rictor endothelin-1(ET-1) are the principal vasoreactive regulators of the vascular tone and re gional blood flow (portal venous and pulmonary arterial systems). Their syntheses are anatomically dependent processes and their circulating concentrations among schistosomal porto-pulmonary h ypertensives are not yet elucidated. Assessment of plasma nitric oxide metabolites (nitr ite and nitrate) together with endothelin-1 levels in patients with schistosomal porto-pulmonary hyperten sion. One hundred and fifty patients with schistosomiasis were withdrawn from the Internal Me dicine, Tropical Medicine and Cardiology Outpatient Clinics, Mansoura University Hospitals. Of thems 25 patients had simple intestinal schistosoma mansoni infestations without any compli cations, 50 patients suffered from bilharzial portal hypertension, 25 patients had hepatospleenomegallie s, ascites and intrahepatic presinusoid and sinusoid fibrosis and 50 patients suffered from bot h bilharzial portal vein and pulmonary artery hypertensions. At the same time, a healthy referenc e group comprized 25 clinically and laboratory normal individuals and free of schistosomiasis were similarly investigated.

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