Phytochemical analysis of Momordica dioica, a selected India | 87583
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Phytochemical analysis of Momordica dioica, a selected Indian medicinal plant by HR-LCMS spectra method


Swati Rangrao Jadhav and Laxmikant Haribhau Kamble*

Plants have been used for various medical applications since the beginning of human history and are considered as the basis for modern medicines. Phytochemicals present in plants have already been reported as potential candidates in this regard. Due to the tremendous applications of medicinal plant products in the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology field, phytochemical analysis of medicinal plants has become an important and challenging task. An analytical technique like high resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (HR-LCMS) is found to be an important technique in the analysis of complex bioactive phytoconstituents. The present study was aimed at bioactive constituent analysis from Momordica dioica fruits by using HR-LCMS analysis. The study confirms presence of compounds having potential of being therapeutic agents, which includes alkaloid, flavonoid, phenol, saponins, cardiac glycosides, tannin, carbohydrates, terpenoids and steroids.

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