Phylogenetic relationships of Crotalaria species based on se | 16087
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Phylogenetic relationships of Crotalaria species based on seed protein polymorphism revealed by SDS-PAGE


L. Joelri Michael Raj1*, S.John Britto1, S.Prabhu1, and S.R.Senthilkumar2

Seed protein profile of 12 accessions belonging to 9 species of genus Crotalaria were investigated through SDS-PAGE. Intra and inter specific relationship was estimated using Nei and lei’s genetic distances. A dendrogram based on UPGMA revealed the inter relationship of species within Crotalaria. Most species had distinctly different protein patterns but close association was found between C.pallida and C.laburnifolia. The Morphological variation observed between the two specimens of C. grahamiana collected from two different geographical regions showed good variations in their protein profiles also, that are enough to give it the rank of sub species of C. grahamiana. PCA had grouped C.verrucosa and C.beddomeana together where both are specifically characterized by the presence of well developed stipules indicating it as a phylogenetically important character. The present study provides useful markers for the identification of the taxa, their relationship and the delimitation of their taxonomic status both at interspecific and intraspecific levels.The phylogenetic tree obtained by DAMBE predicts sequence of evolution within the genus.

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