Phycoremediation on textile industry based azo dyes of congo | 67516
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Phycoremediation on textile industry based azo dyes of congo red and direct violet


Amudham Radha Amal Raj* and M. Prabhakaran*

Release of textile effluents into the water bodies have resulted in severe environmental impacts on the living organisms as well as the quality of the water bodies. The presence of organic synthetic dyes has not only deteriorated the aesthetic quality of the ecosystem but has also rendered the water useless for human purpose. Phycoremediation for textile dye degradation is a widely studied method used as an alternative to the expensive, energy consuming physico-chemical processes. This study aims at demonstrating the ability of the microalgae to phycoremediate the textile effluent. It was observed that the five microalgal species, Chlorella vulgaris, Oscillatoria Sp., Scenedesmus dimorphus, Desmococcous Sp., and Phormedium Sp., used for the study were successful in decolourizing the congo red and direct violet azo dye treated water. These results could be promising for the onsite treatment of the textile effluents to decolourize the water bodies.

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