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Personalised medicine and pharmacogenomics


Charlie Frank*

One of the newest methods of precision medicine is pharmacogenomics, which adjusts drug selection and dosage based on a patient's genetic characteristics. International scientific consortia have recently released a number of pharmacogenetic guidelines; however there has been little success in implementing them in clinical settings. To remove the current obstacles to the use of pharmacogenomic research, numerous coordinated multinational activities are in progress. However, the observed clinical diversity in the therapy outcome can only be partially explained by the currently available validated pharmacogenomic indicators (Van Hove CL et al., 2008). There is a need for fresh approaches to research, such as the examination of the immune system's pharmacogenomic involvement and previously overlooked uncommon genetic variations, which are said to be responsible for a significant portion of the inter-individual variability in drug metabolism. We compiled a number of articles on pharmacogenomics in this special issue, spanning a wide range of topics. These include researching new pharmacogenomics markers to improve therapeutic efficacy and safety, developing tools or infrastructure to support this process, implementing pharmacogenomics in clinical practise, and the effects of rare genetic variants (Xinkuan Wu et al., 2016).

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