Perceptions and practices regarding microbicides: a baseline | 17448
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Perceptions and practices regarding microbicides: a baseline survey of the sociale institute of health and hygiene of Dakar


P.G.Sow1-*, I.P.Ndiaye, A.Tal-Dia, P.D. Diallo , .Traore

The social health is one of the medical centers in the south district of Dakar. It has a population of 230 000 people, so knowing that people’s perception would assist in developing a focused and effective microbicide use in a developing country. From March to June 2008, a cross sectional descriptive survey was carried in the social health institute center in order to establish the community’s current knowledge levels, gap, attitudes about microbicides. The study was aimed at establishing baseline information to be used in setting up a programe for educational community. Quantitative data was called through a random house hold survey of 600 women in the 21-59 years age group using a structured questionnaire. Quantitative information was elicited. Epi-info version 2002 was used to analyse date. On knowledge about 98% knew that HIV is transmitted sexually, 55% on contact with infected blood and 28% through mother to child transmitted, only 0, 1% know what microbicide is, 80% mentioned that never heard about microbicide(P<0,001). About 80% felt that it was good for women in order to prevent HIV transmission From the finding we concluded that knowledge on microbicide was low among women. Microbicide as a new product requires a lot of educational community information.

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