Perception of the population in Northern Uganda to nodding s | 17978
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Perception of the population in Northern Uganda to nodding syndrome


David Lagoro Kitara and Charles Amone

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is an important cau se of morbidity in solid organ transplantation. To determine the seroprevalence of CMV in solid organ donors from Ceará, Brazil, and estimate the actual risk of a CMV-negative patient receiving an organ f rom a CMV-positive donor. Cross-sectional, retrospective study based on active search of notif ication forms of 660 effective organ donors registered with the Ceará Transplantation Center be tween 1998 and 2010. With an average age of 33.8±15 years (range: 1.5-70), donors were predomin antly male (69.2%). The overall seroprevalence of anti-CMV IgG antibodies was 81.2%, with no signific ant difference between the genders. On the average, CMV-positive male donors were younger than female donors (33.3 ± 0.75 vs. 37.6 ± 1.16 years) ( p =0.0017). The prevalence of CMV was slightly lower in 2001 (68.4%), 2002 (65%) and 2010 (74.4%). In all other years, the prevalence was above 78%. CMV positivity was 80.8% for kidneys, 82% for livers an d 80.9% for hearts of a total of 1241 grafts transpla nted. The prevalence of seropositivity for CMV was high and relatively stable in solid organs donors f rom Ceará over the past 13 years, suggesting the need to obtain informed consent from CMV-negative s olid organ recipients and to develop strategies to prevent primary CMV infection or reactivation in th e post-transplantation period.

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