Patient-physician relationship and ante-natal seeking behavi | 16676
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Patient-physician relationship and ante-natal seeking behaviour in public hospitals


Aluko-Arowolo S.O, Ogundimu Ayobami O, Solarin Thomas M.

This study examines the roles of patient-physician re lationship as the underpinning factor that may inhibit or motivate early booking of pregnancy am ong women in Ijebu, Ogun State. The study utilizes a triangulation method of survey including in-depth interview. Ijebu-Ode carries 32.2 % (141) and Ijebu- Igbo 64.8 % (259) of the total sample representing the urban and rural populace. A structured questionnaire was administered to randomly select 400 consenting women attending ante-natal clinics session in equally randomly selected hospitals in Ije bu-Ode and Ijebu-Igbo. In addition, ten percent of the women were selected through a stratified sampling method for in-depth interview. And ten in-depth interviews (IDIs) were conducted among gynaecologist, nurses and other health workers. The study identifies a non-cordial relationship between physicians and ante-natal patients which in turn serves as a reason for late booking of pregnancy and irregular attendance of pregnant women at ante-natal care sessions. Qualitative data reveal that many of the pregnant women stay away from ante-natal care because of the uncooperative manner of the physician by not giving enough attention and the use of abusive, vague and ambiguous words which are not discernable to barely literate patients. The study concludes that early booking of pregnancy by women is influenced by their closeness and mutual relationship with their physician. And therefore suggests that physicians s hould pay due diligence to the relationship that exists between them and pa tients and the appropriate organs of government, agency and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) should encourage the dissemination of maternal health education.

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