Opinion and perception of family caregiving following stroke


Adika V.O, Ezonbodor- Akwagbe R.E. and Nwachukwu C.P.

Stroke patient caregiving remains a huge burden and challenge for family caregivers, because of the major importance of family caregivers in the process of caregiving. It is intended to assist in the provision of quality patient care at home as well as generate satisfaction with care provided after discharge home. Unfortunately, this is not entirely so. Hence, this study evaluates the opinion and perception of nurses on family caregiving of stroke patients following discharged home. A descriptive survey design was employed in obtaining data from participant nurses (N =100) who gave consent to the study. Results obtained were analyzed using the statistical package (SPSS) to obtain descriptive and inferential statistics. Our result revealed that most nurses have negative opinion and perception on family caregiving of stroke patient. This is expressed by 80%, 93% and 87% who stated that family caregiving of stroke is very tasking, caregivers experience depression and caregivers experience confusion for caregiving of stroke patients respectively. Similarly, 90.0%, 91.0% and 88.0% perceived lack of basic knowledge and adequate skills account for poor care, as well as complexity of patients need and lack of communication respectively. Whereas, 97.0% and 87.0% of the nurses expressed the opinion and perception that nurses should support in preparing family caregivers before discharge and should have a positive relationship/attitude with family caregivers . Hence, a need for education of caregivers and encouragement of positive attitude following discharged was emphasized. Follow-up of these patients and rehabilitation centers were recommended as cornerstones in preventing deterioration and possible death at home of stroke patients.

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