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Nutrient content and amino acid composition of the leaves of Cassia tora and Celtis integrifolia.


Kubmarawa D., Magomya A.M., Yebpella G.G. and Adedayo S.A.

The leaves of cassia tora and celtis integrifolia are popularly consumed by certain tribes in Adamawa state of Nigeria. They were analysed to determine proximate nutrient content, amino acid composition and some selected mineral elements. Data obtained for proximate analysis showed crude protein 11.63% for Cassia tora and 8.20% for Celtis intergrifola . Crude fibre contents were 27.07% and 25.00% for C.tora and C.integrifolia respectively. These values are relatively high compared to those of some common Nigerian leafy vegetables. Carbohydrates, lipids, moisture and ash contents were within the range expected for dry leafy vegetables. Seventeen Amino acids were found in varying proportions in the plants. Results of the elemental analysis showed both leaves contain the following minerals (in g/100g) Ca 3.52, 3.70, fe 0.22,0.22. Na 0.10, 0.07. Mg 0.86,0.78. Zn 0.04, 0.02. mn 0.10, 0.13. Co 0.02, 0.01. K 0.76, 1.44, for C. tora and C. integrifolia respectively.

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