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Molecular Visualisation on a Multiscale


Tyler Lockwood*

We offer a high-level overview of multiscale molecular visualisation methods, concentrating on issues, difficulties, and tasks specific to particular applications. We give a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of molecular visualisation and list several domain-specific challenges that motivate this research. These tasks in turn form the basic framework for the ensuing survey. We start out by talking about techniques that help with visual inspection of molecular dynamics simulations (Kushnir MM et al., 2008). We focus on visual abstraction and temporal aggregation in particular. In the second section, we review multiscale methods for designing, analysing, and manipulating DNA nanostructures as well as associated ideas for abstraction, scale transition, scale-dependent modelling, and navigating the resulting abstraction spaces. We provide methods that facilitate interactive exploration within huge structural biology assemblies that are as large as bacterial cells in the third section of the review. We go through basic rendering methods as well as strategies for element instantiation, visibility control, visual direction, camera control, and depth perception support. We conclude the survey by providing key research challenges in the area and a succinct list of significant tools that implement many of the discussed approaches (Aldrimère M et al., 2012).

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