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International Research Journal of Geology and Mining

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Modeling of flotation system of galena as way to process improvement and environment protection


Mohamed Chettibi*, Thouraya Djouama and A. A. Abramov

Main idea to prevent the ground contamination by heavy metals is to extract them maximally with minimum consumption of chemical reagents. So, a perfect studying of pulp ionic structure, an adjustment of the sulphuric ores flotation parameters and modelling of minerals selectivity variables, by using thermodynamic method of analysis, the behaviour of lead xanthenes surface state in solution and experimental investigations results, allow obtaining quantitative physico-chemical models of minimum necessary xanthenes concentration of lead sulphide complete flotation. The optimal pH values ensuring a complete flotation of galena are agree with the potential of zero or minimum charge of its surface, and the optimal composition of the collector sorption layer consisting both of chemisorbed xanthenes and physically adsorbed dixanthenes. In additional, we've obtained quantitative physico-chemical models for the necessary xanthenes concentration of lead sulphide complete flotation in the case of different oxidation products of galena surface in pH values from 7,0 up to 12,0. Physico-chemical models derived can be used as the criteria for functional units of automation systems to control and regulate the flotation process in mineral processing plants. All these should conduct to increasing of metals extraction degree with minimum chemical reagents consumption and providing good environmental protection.

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