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International Research Journal of Microbiology

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Microbial flora of frozen chicken part varieties


Odetunde, S. K*. Lawal, A. k, M. A. Akolade and Bak’ry, S. B.

Forty five samples of four different parts of Chicken varieties were analyzed to determine their microbial flora; the samples were collected from freezer depots, open market and cold room depot. All the chicken parts examined (Gizzards, Wings, Laps and Legs) were contaminated with some bacterial species namely, Bacillus, Escherichia, Sp. Staphylococcus, Corynebacterium, Micrococcus, flavobacterium and Alcaligene. The yeast belong to the genera Saccharomyces and the moulds Aspergillus sp. The total aerobic bacteria counts for all the parts examined stored in the freezer was in the range of 1.4 × 102 cfu/g to 3.1 × 102 to 6.0 × 106 cfu/g and the ones stored in the cold room had a range of 1.5 × 101 cfu/g to 1.5 × 101 cfu/g. the coliform counts obtained for all the chicken parts ranged from 1.2 × 102 cfu/g to 3.2 × 102 cfu/g, 1.2 × 102 cfu/g to 7.2 × 103 cfu/g and 1.1 × 101 cfu/g to 1.4 × 102 cfu/g for chicken parts stored in the freezer, open market and cold room respectively, while the mould and yeasts count gave a range of 1.4 × 101 cfu/g to 1.5 × 102 cfu/g, 1.2 × 102 cfu/g to 7.2 × 103 cfu/g and 1.3 × 101 to 1.5x102 cfu/g for freezer, open market and cold room respectively. These finding suggest that most of the frozen chicken parts stored in the open market may constitute sources of bacterial food poisoning consequently public health hazard.

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