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Mental Health and Well Being in Entrepreneurship Embracing the Insecure Entrepreneur


Lizzy Hodcroft

Research has found that 49% of entrepreneurs are dealing with at least one mental illness. Psychologists agree that creative individuals are more genetically predisposed to mental illness, and it’s clear that creative people often go on to become entrepreneurs. When first starting out, virtually every entrepreneur I know has suffered from an insecurity complex of sorts. Yes, you’re running a business, but it doesn’t feel like a real business because you find yourself staring at your CEO, board of directors and staff while you’re brushing your teeth in the morning and walk past your "world headquarters" as you make your way back to your bedroom to get dressed. When you’re a business of one (or two or three), it’s hard to avoid that stomach churning anxiety. So what can we do? How can we manage our own human emotions while also attempting to achieve big dreams and conquer massive goals? And more importantly.

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