Life structures and embryology of the parathyroid organ | 97504
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Life structures and embryology of the parathyroid organ


Soundrya Bhatt*

Anatomical dissections to locate the aberrant glands would be guided by the embryology of the parathyroid glands, according to experienced parathyroid surgeons. In situations where the glands are not in their "normal" placements, this becomes more crucial. The embryology, which is so closely related to the final anatomic placement of the glands, must be understood by surgeons. Patients frequently experience unsuccessful surgical investigations as a result of the parathyroid glands being in ectopic places that were not recognised. Knowledge of the embryology of the parathyroid can fill in the gaps and point the surgeon in the right direction. The platform for parathyroid surgery will be established by this article's exploration of variances in anatomic position, relationship to important structures like the recurrent laryngeal nerve, the number of glands, and even gland size and morphology.

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