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International Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science

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Land evaluation studies of two wetland soils in Nigeria


Babalola TS, 2Oso T, Fasina AS and Godonu K

Land Evaluation studies were carried out on two wetland soils (Ado-Ekiti and Kabba) in Nigeria. FAO Frame work and fertility capability classification (FCC) systems were used to evaluate the sites for rice production. The influence of two management practices (Local and Improved) on rice yield were evaluated on the field. Soil samples were collected under eight rice stands in each plot for regression analysis to determine the influence of individual soil properties on rice yield. An economic analysis was carried out to assess the more profitable site for rice production. The wetland soil at Ado-Ekiti was classififed as Fluvaquept Endoaquept, while the Kabba wetland soil was classified as Typic Halaqeupt. The pedon at Kabba was classified as Lgh and that of Ado-Ekiti as Leghk using the FCC System, with cation Exchange capacity and K status accounting for differences between the two. Kabba sites was classified as presently not suitable (N1) for rice production and Ado-Ekiti as N2 because of limitations imposed by soil chemical properties. With proper soil fertility management, the potentials of these soils can increase to moderately suitable (S2), for rice production. Improved management system gave significantly higher yields than the local management (t=2.50). Stepwise regression of rice yield on soil properties revealed that Seventeen soil properties contributed to rice yield within the study areas with R2 values of 92.81% and 93.56% at Ado-Ekiti and Kabba respectively. Economic analysis of rice production in the two sites showed that the cost benefit ratio was positive at both sites but best return on investment was obtained from Kabba with gross margin of N532,775/ha.

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