Land Evaluation of the Wetland Soils of Ogba Egbema Ndoni LG | 91743
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Land Evaluation of the Wetland Soils of Ogba Egbema Ndoni LGA for Some Selected Crops


Ezebunwo CP, Amadi-Rapheal KAS*, Wokocha CC and Ikiriko ME

The present study was carried out to evaluate the potential of the wetland soils in Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni LGA Rivers State in Nigeria for three selected crops (Cassava, Oil Palm and Maize). Three modal profile pits were dug and described based on FAO guidelines for soil profile description. The soils texture of the study was mostly loamy sand and sandy loam. Soil reaction (pH) tended to be very strongly acidic to moderately acidic with a range of 4.5 to 5.2. Three standard Land Evaluation methods were used; Land suitability, Land capability and fertility capability classification (FCC) to evaluate the selected crops. The results revealed that the land capability classification of the soils were moderately capable with limitations of fertility for profile B2PR and B3OKS with profile BIOSI having limitation of wetness. For suitability classification all soils were marginally suitable for cassava, for maize profile BIOSI and B3OKS were marginally suitable, while B2PR was moderately suitable and for oil palm profile B2PR and B3OKS were moderately suitable and BIOSI was marginally suitable. For fertility capability classification, the soils were classified as SSKeg, SLkeg and SSkeg.

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