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International Research Journal of Microbiology

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Isolation and selection of growth-promoting bacteria of the genus Bacillus and its effect on two varieties of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)


J.T. P. Ferreira, T.M.C. Santos*, L. S. Albuquerque, J.V.Santos, J.A. Cardoso Filho. C. E. Ramalho Neto.

The objective of this study was to assess rhizobacteria isolates of the genus Bacillus and check which are more promising for the production of seedlings of two varieties of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). Seeds of two varieties of lettuce (Babá de Verão Manteiga (smooth) and Monica SF 31 SF 31 (crisp) were inoculated in styrofoam trays where each cell received substrate with 5 ml of bacterial suspension containing Bacillus spp. adjusted A580 = 0.7, and taken to a greenhouse for 25 days as being variables: weight of dry matter of aerial part (WDMAP), root (WDMR), total (WDMT), leaf area (LA), length leaf (LL), length root (LR) and number of leaves (NL). For Babá de Verão Manteiga variety the isolated 8 highlighted variables WDMAP, WDMR and WDMT and increase index (II) 62.3% 38.5% 59.1% respectively while for what LA and LL and the isolate 7 showed better results with II of 73.3% and 28.4%. The variety Monica SF 31 the best results for WDMAP and LL were obtained with the strain 1 having II of 31.0% and 29.1% respectively, while for WDMR and WDMT, isolate 4 showed II 66.7% and 33.7% respectively. To variable LR the isolate 6 highlighted for both varieties.

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