Investigation of phytoplankton flora of a temple tank in cos | 67475
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Investigation of phytoplankton flora of a temple tank in cosmopolitan Chennai city, India


Desingurajan P*, Manikandan S, Elayasurya R and Sankaran B

Phytoplankton flora of Kaaraneeswarar temple tank, Saidapet was studied. It is situated in the heart of the Cosmopolitan Chennai City. The present study aimed to identify the Chlorophytes inhabiting the tank. Generally green algae dominate the freshwater ecosystem. The taxa identified comprised of 38 species belonging to 23 genera. Sphearopleales had 24 species, followed by Chlorellales with ten species. Trebouxiophyceae ordo incertae sedis was represented by two species. One species of Chlamydomonadales and Charophyte were identified.

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