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Investigating the demographic impacts on the job satisfaction of district officers in the province of kpk, Pakistan


Abdul Sattar Khan, Allah Nawaz Khan

Irrespective of being in public or private sector, every organizational management is interested in understanding the causes (predictors) of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Given that demographic characteristics of the workforce has implications for their organizational attitudes, volumes of research is available as well as underway to compute the relationship between demographic factors and the variables of employees’ attitude. Research is also telling that the nature and intensity of demographic impacts vary with the change in context. These effects are different in developing states than in the advanced countries. Similarly, the impacts can differ from country to country. The significance of this research is that it unearths the precise facts about the impacts of employees’ personal and social attributes on their behaviors of job satisfaction and their consequences among the district officers of local government in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KPK), Pakistan. The results are however, contrary to the hypothesized models. Only gender has surfaced as the most powerful predictor of all the dependent variables.

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