Interpretation of ground magnetic survey over Cleveland dyke | 16690
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Interpretation of ground magnetic survey over Cleveland dyke of north Yorkshire, England


Maunde A, Bassey NE, Raji AS and Haruna IV

The Cleveland Dyke of North Yorkshire is one of a swarm of tholeiite dykes that radiate from the igneous intrusive complex of Mull; the dyke is an olivine-free, plagioclase and pyroxene-phyric basaltic andesite with considerable amount of magnetite minerals present. The magnetic survey profile lines trend NNE-SSW direction which crosses the E-W trending dyke approximately at right angles, series of Total Magnetic Field derivatives anomalies were constructed along profile lines over the dyke. The derivative anomalies of Analytical Signal and Total Horizontal Derivative are positive and shows two local maxima which serve as indicator of dyke edges (boundaries), thus the location of the dyke width is closed to the local maxima or on top of the local maxima. The estimated location of the dyke edges from the aligned derivatives plots falls between 22 - 32m and 18 - 33 meters along the stacked profile line from the base station, therefore the estimated dyke width range from 10-15m. The depth of the Cleveland dyke was estimated as 5 – 7.5 meters using haft maximum width manual method. These variations in width are due to power of the derivatives couple with the remanent magnetization of the dyke.

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