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Interpretation of aeromagnetic data over Okigwe and Afikpo areas of the Lower Benue Trough, Nigeria


G. Z. Ugwu, P. O. Ezema and C. C. Ezeh

Aeromagnetic data over Okigwe and Afikpo areas of the Lower Benue Trough of Nigeria were interpreted by forward and inverse modelling techniques. The anomalies over the study area were modelled by spherical or dyke-like bodies emplaced at various depths, ranging from 3.0km to 12.7km, either in the sediment or in the metamorphic basement. The magnetic susceptibilities of most of these bodies indicate that they are igneous intrusions. These intrusions with large lateral extents, occurring more at Afikpo area than the Okigwe area accounts for more mineralization at the former than the later. The high temperature that prevailed at the time of formation of these minerals suggests that the area might not hold any significance hydrocarbon potentials.

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