Insertion Sequences in mtDNA of Birds and Fish: No Full Leng | 16765
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Insertion Sequences in mtDNA of Birds and Fish: No Full Length but Some Short Sequences Detected for Which are Obvious Maternal and Signs of Horizontal Transmission.


Yuri PH. Kartavtsev

An analysis of 74 complete mitogenomes in bird and fish species with a focus on the presence of the insertion sequences (IS) in mtDNA revealed that mitogenomes holds no full-length ISs but there are many their sections. In our survey of 74 complete mitogenomes, from 4 to 15 short IS elements per genome were detected with IS-Finder software. Obtained IS elements are probably inverted repeats of real ISs. Both gender-dependent and horizontal transmission routs of these IS segments were obtained among 74 representatives of vertebrate species. The horizontal transmission throughout food chains like fish  bird, although that may be relatively rare for distant lineages, is potentially possible for human consumers of a crude marine food like sushi and sashimi. This important point requires further consideration.

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