Inguinal hernia repair; tension free mesh repair, a new tech | 49841
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Inguinal hernia repair; tension free mesh repair, a new technique


Adel Goda Hussein Daibes

Abdominal wall hernias represent a common issue in general surgical practice. The definitive treatment of all hernias, regardless of their origin or type, is surgical repair. There is an ongoing debate about whether to repair primary, unilateral inguinal hernias by the laparoscopic or the open method. Many agree that laparoscopic repair is better for bilateral or recurrent hernias, but its use for primary, unilateral hernias is controversial. So, still the open method has the upper hand in unilateral inguinal hernia repair. There are different methods for repair, nowadays; the most popular method is the mesh repair. In this study, we worked on 200 cases of inguinal hernias, through the period of January 2013, to January 2016. Age groups ranging from 29 – 60 years old, all are males, with mean follow up 1.5 years. The aim of this work is to represents the best method for inguinal hernia repair with the least complications especially recurrence and neuralgia. We modified the technique of tension free mesh repair, and we found that by this method we had no recurrence in all cases ( recurrence rate 0 %), we had only 4 cases of postoperative superficial wound infection (2 %) & 2 cases mesh infection (1%) and 6 cases (3%) neuralgia. In conclusion, this method for unilateral inguinal hernia repair can be utilized for almost all adult inguinal hernias with highly effective repair

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