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Influence of seed treatment and moisture content on germination and early growth of Chrysophylum albidum (G. Don)


Ojo MO and Akaun Alvin A*

The Chrysophylum albdum is a low land rainforest tree that belongs to the family Sapotaceae, and frequently
found in many eco-zones of West Africa, Nigeria inclusive. The African star apple features prominently in
agroforestry-system for fruit, food, cash income and other auxiliary uses including environmental purposes. The
aim of this study was to investigate the possible influence of seed treatment and moisture content on the
germination and early growth of C. albidum. The seeds were extracted and subjected to different treatments
(T1=seed own flesh, T2=seeds soaked in water for 8 days, T3=seeds soaked in hot water 100°C for 1 hr, T4=seeds
cracked and soaked in water overnight, T5=seeds soaked in water for 10 days, T6=seeds soaked in water for 12
days, T7=seeds cracked and sown). These treatments were replicated three times and were laid in a Completely
Randomized Design (CRD). Variables assessed were moisture content, germination percentage, plant height, collar
diameter and leaf production for 12 weeks. The data collected were subjected to analysis of variance. The result of
the ANOVA showed no significant differences at 5% level of probability for collar diameter while the leaf
production and plant height shown significant differences among treatments at 5% level of probability. The
moisture content show that M1 (moisture content for first week) has the highest germination of 26.6%, and the best
performance was recorded in the seedlings raised with T2 in plant height, collar diameter and leaves production
with a mean value 11.88 cm, 0.43 mm, 2.67 and germination with the value 66.7% respectively. It is recommended
that seed of C. albidum should be soaked in water for 8 days before planting to enhance fast germination. And
moisture content for the first week (18.8) is recommended for suitable seeds storage conditions for C. albidum.

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