Influence of oven-dry heat treatment ongermination of some S | 16221
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Influence of oven-dry heat treatment ongermination of some Savanna tree seeds species:Tamarindus indica, Albizia lebbeck, Parkia biglobossa and Prosopis africana in Nigeria .


Ajiboye A. A, Ajiboye M.D, D. A Agboola.

Studies were carried out on the influence of dry heat treatment on the germination of some selected Savanna tree seeds species- Tamarindus indica ,Albizia lebbeck,Parkia biglobossa and Prosopis africana. Their selections were made on their importance in nutrient recycling of soils and the role they play in improving the economy of the Savanna people. The seeds are recklessly used with high rate of seedling mortality, without a corresponding afforestation. Those seeds have been found to be dormant under natural condition. This poses threat to seedling establishment and forest regeneration in the Savanna regions of Nigeria. Viability test showed 80-100% for the seeds before laboratory examination. The dormancy state was terminated in the seeds giving 60-70% germination in A.lebbeck and 80-90% in T.indica under 2-3 h duration. However, P.biglobossa and P.africana showed 20-25% germination. Untreated seeds were used as control. Data were subjected to analysis of variance using the least significant difference. This work would improve the germinability of these valuable seeds and help in raising seedlings for afforestation programmes.

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