Impacts of Chotiari reservoir on environment and livelihood | 17632
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Impacts of Chotiari reservoir on environment and livelihood of local population in Sindh, Pakistan


Habibullah Magsi, André Torre, Fateh M. Marri

Being an agro-based economy, the country depends mainly on fertile lands and Indus irrigation system. While the extensive expansion and unsustainable growth in the agricultural and water sectorsare rapidly degrading ecosystem and environmental services, which are undermining the rural livelihoods. The research explores root causes of poor performance of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in land and water sectors, while discussing the case of Chotiari water reservoir construction. It further explores that the improper social assessments concerning Chotiari reservoir development project led to the destruction of environmental services, biodiversity, fertile agricultural lands and sustenance of local population in the region. The aim of the article is to highlight inadequacies of EIA framework in the country and to recommend good governance practices to promote regional sustainability through such infrastructural projects.

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