Immobilization of Konkoli (Maesopsis eminii) Leaves with Cal | 16103
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Immobilization of Konkoli (Maesopsis eminii) Leaves with Calcium Alginate and Study of its Swelling Behavior


S. A. Osemeahon., J. T. Barminas, I. I. Nkafamiya and D. I. Esenowo

The swelling behavior in aqueous solution of calcium alginate immobilized konkoli leaves (KIL) was investigated. An immobilized blend of 50/50 admixture of konkoli leaves/sodium alginate was cross-linked with 0.12M CaCl2 to give KIL. The swelling behavior of the blend showed that the uptake increases with increase in konkoli leaves concentration in KIL as well as pH while decreasing with increase in ionic strength and temperature. The study presents KIL as a potential biosorbent for industrial use

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