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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV) co-infection amongst patients in Biu, Borno state- Nigeria


Bello, R. H and Olabode, H.O.K

The soaring concern over co-infection rates of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV) amongst people in the country necessitated this survey in patients attending Abott Medical Centre, Biu in Borno State. Three hundred (300) patients were screened for both HIV and HBV using the rapid Chromatographic immunoassay for qualitative detection of HIV antibodies and HBV antigens in serum. Out of these 300 patients, 216 (72%) were negative to both HIV and HBV, 45 (15%) were HIV positive, 28 (9.3%) were HBV positive and 11(3.6%) were reactors to dual HIV and HBV infections. The co-infection rates showed association with age amongst positive reactors and in significance with gender. This study confirms occurrence of co-infections of HIV and HBV in the study area. Active surveillance through concurrent screening of both diseases during HIV testing and counseling as well as public awareness campaigns to educate the masses about the diseases is therefore recommended.

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