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Hospital based prospective registration of stroke, severity, symptoms at tertiary care hospital in Warangal, A.P., India.


Subash Vijaya Kumar, S. Ravikanth, M. Leena, G. Vijayakumar

The present study is to explore the gender, severit y, clinical manifestations in young and non young adults among stroke patients in Warangal, using str ucture and semi-structure qualitative interviews. MGM is a teaching hospital in the north Telangana r egion, Warangal, A.P, India. It is a 1200 bedded multidisciplinary hospital. Patients are admitted t o general wards for a maximum of 72 hours post- stroke. During the study period 290 patients were r egistered. Whereas, patient mean age was 58.18±0.8805. Women 57.84 (SD: 14.26), and men was 58.18 (SD: 12.76), p value = <0.0001.Only 30.34% of the enrolled patients were younger than 4 5 years. Overall 70% of patients were greater than 45 years. However, that mostly men were affect ed when compared to women population and most of stroke survivors married in this group were found to be 86%. Data concerning clinical manifestations of stroke patients was majorly found to be speech disturbance (46.2%). 147 (51%) patients have the brain infarct towards right side. The frequency of our study population of major disability was found to be 167 (58%). Risk factors like hypertension, smoking, alcohol consumption and diabetes mellitus were more prevalent in young patients. Whereas, clopidogrel were mostly used in young group and least aspirin is used in no n-young group. Data analysis was done by using statistical software graph-pad prism version 5.0.Ou r results suggest that prevention of primary risk factors like hypertension and diabetes mellitus, cr eating awareness among public and primary health care workers for early referral of stroke to stroke departments and Supplementation of thrombolytic drugs in the golden period and to sugg est the lifestyle modifications.

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