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Global experiences in health and Technology Information Communication (TIC) between Fairfield University in USA and Bambey University in Senegal


P.G. Sow, A. Gaye, O.Ka, M. Bop, Y. Kasse, M. Seck, V.V. Vinekar, W.M. Tellis

While international relationships and study abroad opportunities are very common in the arts and humanities, such opportunities are also becoming mo re common in allied health. University of Bambey (Senegal) in collaboration with Fairfield Un iversity (USA) initiate global activities for many reasons, for example personal interest, encourageme nt of school administrators, community/public health course expansion, or implementation of globa l service learning in order to improve the attainment of health millennium development goals i n Senegal. Opportunities for Bambey University faculties may be educative, research, or for techni cal experiences. For students, they are participati ng in a E-learning program such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis. Social, cultural and political system s dictate differences in beliefs, values, assumptions , and norms between and among residents in all countries. Lack of understanding of these differenc es may result in misunderstanding and embarrassing and troublesome situations. The HED pr ogram gives opportunities for faculty who desire global experience. The Program is the flagsh ip international educational exchange program sponsored by the US government and designed to incr ease mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countr ies. The university of Fairfield faculty may serve as consultants and site visitors for Bambey university teachers. Some consultants work with host partnerships communities on continuing education se ttings others may work with faculty on curriculum development in health education programs and Information and Computer Technology (ICT).

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