Genital tuberculosis with secondary infertility - a case rep | 18030
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Genital tuberculosis with secondary infertility - a case report of successful treatment and subsequent livebirth in Uyo, Nigeria.


Umoh A.V., Gabriel M.A

Female genital tuberculosis is an uncommon cause of infertility in our environment and is hardly looked for as part of routine assessment of infertility. With a resurging incidence of Tuberculosis in the face of the HIV pandemic, it is important to always have genital tuberculosis in mind especially when no other cause is found for the infertility. We report a case of a patient with 15 years infertility that was discovered to have genital tuberculosis following a laparotomy for a pelvic mass and a histologic diagnosis of TB. She was given anti-TB therapy and subsequently had spontaneous pregnancy with a livebirth

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