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Gastric perforation after Intragastric ballon insertion: A case report


Emad Mohamed Salem

Introduction: Intragastric balloon therapy is a minimally invasive, temporary method of inducing weight loss however, in some cases it may cause serious adverse events. Presentation of Case: A twenty three years old male, presented by acute gastric perforation six months after insertion of Orbera intragastric ballon. The diagnosis done clinically and confirmed by plain x ray erect. The ballon first removed by gastroscope followed by laparoscopic exploration and repair of the perforation with no postoperative complications. Discussion: Gastric perforation is a rare complication of the Bioenteric intragastric balloon. In our case study the possible cause for perforation is the non compliance of the patient to proton pump inhibitor therapy as well as consumption of excessive ulcerogenic diet. Conclusion: Adherence to physician recommendations regarding diet and medications with strict follow up may prevent serious complications of intra gastric balloons. Keywords: Case Report; Intragastric Balloon; Weight Loss; Obesity; Complications.

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