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Faculty of Education Lecturers�?¢�?�?��?�?� and Students�?¢�?�?��?�?� Perceptions on the utilisation of E-Learning at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe


Marimo Simon Tirivanhu, Mashingaidze Samuel and Nyoni Erick

This paper focuses on the perceptions of lecturers and students in the utilisation of e-learning in the Faculty of Education at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. The major question that guided the study was, “how the Faculty of Education lecturers and students perceived E-learning as a teaching and learning tool?” The respondents in this study were lecturers and students in the Faculty of Education. The descriptive survey design was employed in this study. The population comprised of 43 lecturers and 1230 students. Purposive sampling was used to select 35 lectures, 150 full-time students and 100 block-release students. A questionnaire was administered to the students and focused group discussions were held with the lecturers. Results indicate that both lecturers and students have a positive attitude towards the use E-learning since it enhances their learning activities, interaction and communication. The study reveals that limited use of E-learning results from lack of computers and access to internet in offices and inability by lecturers and students to use E-learning. The researchers recommend that the Faculty of Education should initiate staff development workshops and seminars which focus on how to use E-learning methodologies. The Faculty of Education should facilitate the provision of computers in offices connected to internet. The lectures should give students assignments that compel them to use E-learning.

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