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Evaluation of yield and economic profitability of using np and fym for the production of Roselle


Dadi Tolessa Lemma*

Organic and inorganic fertilizers are one of the boosters of crop yield by full filling the crop nutrient demand. Other than their yield increment economic advantage of using this fertilizers should be known. The field experiment was conducted at Hawassa in 2017 to know yield and economic advantage of NP and FYM. The treatments consisted of four rates of inorganic (0/0, 23/10, 46/20 and 69/30 kg NP ha-1) and four rates of FYM (0, 5, 10 and 15 t ha-1) levels. The experiment was laid out as a randomized complete block design in a factorial arrangement and replicated three times. Data was collected on yield and yield components alongside of economic analysis. The results revealed that the main effects and the interaction of NP fertilizers and FYM significantly (p<0.05) plant height, number of branches per plant, leaf area index, number of pods per plant, dry calyx yield per hectare, thousand seed weight and biological yield per hectare except calyx harvest index and thousand seed weight. The highest dry calyx yield (1.38 t ha-1) was recorded at 69/30 kg NP ha-1 + 15 t FYM ha-1. The lowest dry calyx yield (0.529 t ha-1) was obtained at the control treatment. The highest marginal rate of return (2435.75%) for dry calyx yield of roselle was recorded from the application of 46/20 kg NP ha-1 + 5 t FYM ha-1. In conclusion, the results of this study indicated that applying 46/20 kg NP ha-1 in combination with 5 t FYM ha-1 led to the maximum benefit and recommended for the producers than other treatments.

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