Evaluation of extracellular lytic enzymes from indigenous Ba | 17494
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Evaluation of extracellular lytic enzymes from indigenous Bacillus isolates


D. Praveen Kumar*, Anupama P.D, Rajesh Kumar Singh, R. Thenmozhi, A. Nagasathya etal

The aim of the investigation was to study the hydrolytic enzymes viz., chitinase, protease, , β-1, 3 glucanase and cellulase from the isolates of Bacillus sp. (twenty eight) which isolated from tomato rhizospheric soil in IIVR farm (DPNSB-1 to 7), IIHR farm (DPNSB-8 to 15), IARI farm (DPNSB-16 to 20) and farm of APHU (DPNSB-21 to 28). Among the strains, IARI isolate of DPNSB-18 exhibited the highest chitinase activity (4.65 IU/ml), IIHR isolate of DPNSB-15 produce highest protease activity (0.79 IU/ml), maximum , β-1, 3 glucanase production was noted in Bacillus strains viz., DPNSB-14 (IIHR isolate), DPNSB-2 (IIVR isolate) and DPNSB-20 (IARI isolate), range from 0.24 IU/ml to 0.39 IU/ml, cellulase production was made by isolates of IIVR, DPNSB-3 (0.75 IU/ml) and DPNSB-1 (0.60 respectively.

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