Evaluation of endophytic aquatic hyphomycetes for their anta | 17317
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Evaluation of endophytic aquatic hyphomycetes for their antagonistic activity against pathogenic bacteria


Pratibha Arya* and S. C. Sati

Evaluation of some riparian endophytic aquatic hyphomycetous fungi viz., Heliscus lugdunensis, Tetrachaetum elegans, Tetracladium marchalianum, T. breve and T. nainitalense from surface sterilized roots of healthy riparian plants has been carried out for their possible antibacterial activity. Pathogenic test bacteria viz., Agrobacterium tumefaciens, Bacillus subtilis, Erwinia chrysanthemi, Escherichia coli and Xanthomonas phaseoli were used. The antibacterial test was conducted by using agar-disc technique. Two aquatic hyphomycetes, T. elegans and T. marchalianum showed significant antagonistic activity against test bacteria.

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