Evaluation of Cow-Dung Effectiveness for Bioremediation in P | 48069
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Evaluation of Cow-Dung Effectiveness for Bioremediation in Petroleum Polluted Loamy Soil Site


Abowei MFN

Environmental pollution perturbation problems are obvious due to man-machine interactions in a system development by the application of chemical, physical and biological sciences including social sciences resulting to formation of products for human survival To this end environmental pollution has been discovered to be a major challenge to the development of the society. One of the major environmental pollution is caused by oil spillage due to the exploration and exploitation of crude oil. The discharge of Petroleum spills into the environment is usually by the action of intentional or unintentional. The consequences resulting in the releasing, spilling, pumping, pouring, emitting, emptying and dumping of Petroleum into the waters or unto lands engineered deleterious effect to aquatic and terrestrial lives. This phenomenon is a key problem in the petroleum rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Various researchers have dealt into nutrient applications for bioremediation of petroleum polluted sites, Omogoye and Adewale works on the efficacy of NPK and cow dung combinations on performance influence on soil properties. These works are limited to non-petroleum polluted site although it gives a prelude to the nutrients effectiveness to curb environmental perturbation problems.

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