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Estimation of genetic association of yield and quality traits in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)


*Qurban Ali1, Muhammad Ahsan1, Ihsan Khaliq1, Mehboob Elahi2, Muhammad Shahbaz3, Wazir Ahmed4 and Muhammad Naees5

The current study was carried out in the experimental fields of the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan during 2009-2010. Twenty elite genotypes, including three standard varieties of chickpea, were evaluated for means and variability components, heritability (h2bs), genetic advance and interrelationships for various parameters. The highest value of genotypic coefficient was found for the fats and heritability, for 100-seed weight. Correlation studies showed that genotypic correlation of grain yield per plant with carbohydrates, proteins, 100-seed weight, moisture contents, number of pods per plant and number of seeds per pod was positive and highly significant. These traits can be used for the selection of high yielding chickpea genotypes

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