Estimates of Aquifer Transmissivity from Specific capacity d | 16719
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Estimates of Aquifer Transmissivity from Specific capacity data in Sandstone Aquifers in Enugu State, Southeastern Nigeria


Austin C. Okonkwo*, Chukwudi C. Ezeh and Alexander I. Opara

Estimates of aquifer transmissivity from specific capacity data of water wells from seventy (70) locations in Enugu state has been carried out. The simulation by Razack and Huntley was utilized. The area is underlain by the Nsukka and Ajalli Formations. Large data on specific capacity of water wells in these areas exists. Aquifer transmissivity values range from 66.08m2/day to 1478.93m2/day with the average indicating a high potential aquifer transmissivity, when compared with the Gheorghe aquifer transmissivity classifications. Various contour maps of aquifer transmissivity, specific capacity, yield, static water level and aquifer depth were produced to show these parameter variations in the study area. This could be a better exploration model in future. A better idea of the groundwater potentials and disposition of the area has also emerged from this study.

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