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Entrepreneurship education and training in South African universities


Mankolo Lethoko

Over the last 20 years, entrepreneurship education and training (EET) programs have mushroomed, given their promise and potential to promote entrepreneurial skills and attitudes. While the number of such programs continues to expand worldwide, global knowledge about these programs’ impact remains thin (Valerio, Parton, and Robb, 2014). According to Egolum and Chukwuma (2013), some countries, like Nigeria and Kenya have tried to tackle this problem by equipping children with entrepreneurial skills while they’re still at school. This equips children with essential foundational knowledge and skills such as emotional intelligence and risk taking; it also develops their appreciation for self-employment opportunities. This means that when such children find themselves in a situation where they are unemployed, they don’t give up and succumb to self-pity.

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