Endogenous and exogenous pulmonary surfactants: biochemical | 18232
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Endogenous and exogenous pulmonary surfactants: biochemical mechanisms of alveolar actions


Leonardo M. Moreira, Juliana P. Lyon, Fábio V. Santos, Regiane Albertini, Flávio Aimbire

The present review is focused on the identification, composition and function of endogenous and exogenous pulmonary surfactants. This approach includes the physico-chemical and biochemical analysis of the action of pulmonary surfactant, especially in the alveolar site. The therapeutic employment of pulmonary surfactants has been studied as one of the most important therapies for the treatment of respiratory diseases that affect several patients, especially in the perinatal phase. Furthermore, the development of new artificial pulmonary surfactant substitutes is described. This effort is based on analogues of native surfactant proteins and consists in a relevant challenge for future research. Indeed, this pharmacological advancement has been developed in order to improve the treatments used in the present days regarding various pathological states of the respiratory system. In this way, the work also reviews the advancements and limitations of the therapeutic procedures based on pulmonary surfactants, since this methodology is extremely auspicious to improve the expectative and quality of life of patients with respiratory diseases. Various cases are related and the state of art of this important topic is discussed in details.

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