Encapsulation of indomethacin in calcium alginategalactomann | 16683
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Encapsulation of indomethacin in calcium alginategalactomannan hydogels


Nkafamiya I. I, Barminas J. T, Aliyu B. A and Osemeahon S. A

The swelling behaviour of konkoli seed galactomannan (KGS) hydrogels was studied to find their suitability for use in drug delivery. The study involves encapsulation of indomethacin with an alginategalactomannan hydrogels. The swelling behaviour of the hydrogels systems was found to increase with increase in concentration of galactomannan. The release measurements of the drug from these systems were performed at room temperature (270C) by standard acid base titration method. The fractional release obtained was affected by galactomannan concentration in the drug formulated matrix which resulted to fast rate of release behaviour. That is 1.0gKGS > 0.8gKGS > 0.5gKGS > NaAlg.S. The formulated hydrogels have potentials that could suggest their use in pharmaceutical industry for drug release in addition to the existing once.

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