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Empowering 21st century students with Self-employability skill competencies in an era of uncertainties of paid employment jobs


Pac Ordu

The paper was conceived on the premise that employment of tertiary education graduates has become an endemic problem in Nigeria. Recognizing the objective of current education as schooling for paid employment, the paper identified that the basic objective of present day education should be schooling to become self-employed. While schooling to become a successful employee was identified as the focus for the older generation, schooling to become self-employed was defined as the focus for 21st century teaching and learning. Hence, the paper condemned the inability of curriculum implementers to teach creative trends to enable students acquire practical skills and small business operation oriented competencies. A review of some disciplines was made to show the new trend of education that would empower Nigerian students with small business enterprise operation skills for self-employment on graduation. This was further made to draw attention of institutions and curriculum designers to the need  for our curriculum to  be functional in line with demands of the innovative economic environment.

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