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Efficient regeneration of Alpinia purpurata (Vieill.) K.Schum. plantlets from rhizome bud explants


K.P. Kochuthressia, S.John Britto, L. Joelri Michael Raj, M.O.Jaseentha, S.R.Senthilkumar

A reproducible and efficient protocol is described for multiple shoot induction of Alpinia purpurata using rhizome bud explants. Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with BA (3.0 mg/l) and Kn (2.0 mg/l) exhibited regeneration rate up to 6.4±0.32 shoots/explants. Spontaneous rooting of shoots occurred in the same concentration of cytokinins. The number of leaves (4.8±0.67) and profuse rooting (8.4±0.70) facilitated 100% of plant recovery on acclimatization. This protocol proves its utility for rapid propagation of A. purpurata to be exploited for pharmaceutical and commercial purposes.

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