Effects of Medicinal Plants in Diagnostic Immunology | 97443
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Effects of Medicinal Plants in Diagnostic Immunology


Fairoz Basha* and Shrikanya Rao

Despite advances in modern medicine, it has been stated that there is up to 70% of the developing in the great countries that still look to complementary and alternative medical systems, also known as traditional medicine. This makes us to think of the herbal plants and their origin. It is very important to understand the origin and the taxonomy of herbal plants to be able to build up associated conclusions and also build up a strong study later on. It is needless to mention that though herbal plants are difficult to keep in track with the complex components and their mechanism of action, it’s important to know that the complex compounds of these herbal plants work in perfect harmony almost like an orchestra. Serological tests can be one step closer to understanding the whole mechanism and its action of the compounds understanding more about therapeutic effect of these herbal plants and even continuing with advancement in modern medicine. Without a doubt, herbal plants have very high importance due to the complex compounds that function in synergy. In this paper more, insight will be on the advantages and importance associated with the herbal plants while knowing more about the serological tests associated with it.

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