Effects of Calliandra portoricensis extracts on transaminase | 17979
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Effects of Calliandra portoricensis extracts on transaminases and creatine kinase of wistar rats challenged with venom of Echis ocellatus


Onyeama, H. P., Ahmed, M.S, Ebong, P. E., Igile G. O., Eteng, M. U., Ibekwe, H. A., Peter, A. and Ukpanukpong, R. U

Effects of selective solvent extracts of C. portoricensis on the aminotransferases and creatine kinase were studied to ascertain their potency in ameliora ting the haemotoxicity of venom of carpet viper ( Echis ocellatus ) in wistar rats. A total of 30 wistar rats were us ed, divided into 6 rats per group of control, venom, venom/flavonoid-rich, venom/polyphe nol-rich and venom/whole ethanolic extracts. The control group was given nothing while the other groups were given 200 μ g venom/rat and 0.5ml of 100mg/100g body weight (b.w) of rat as “antidote” con centration. This “antidote” was given 4-6 hours intramuscularly after the administration of the vip erian venom. There was increase in the aminotransferases (P<0.05) in the treatment groups when compared to the control. When compared to the venom-treated and control groups, the C. portoricensis groups showed a marked decrease (P<0.05-p<0.01) of creatine kinase. The Aspartate a minotransferase (AST) – Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) ratio showed a marked increase (P<0.01) in th e venom group and a corresponding marked decrease (P<0.01) in the flavonoid-rich, polyphenol -rich and whole ethanolic extracts groups. These findings suggest that selective solvent extracts of C. portoricensis may be effective in attenuating these enzymes- linked lethality of carpet viper stri ke.

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